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Who we are


The Bunong Indigenous Community Association (BICA) is a non-profit corporation based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The Bunong Indigenous Community Association was founded on September 7,2013, which was incorporated on October 21st, 2013 under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Bunong Indigenous Community Association, Inc. are tax deductible as charitable contributions ( Federal tax ID: 46-3951464)

I, M'preo Bubong, am the Executive of the Bunong Indigenous Community Association (BICA) in the United States of America. The reason we built this community is to teach the new generation of the Bunong to keep the traditions alive. I want to call all of my brothers and sisters to unite as one, I don't want my people to be forgotten like our ancestor. We built this community to teach the children about our history,where we originated, our cultures and livelihood. We built this community not only to help the Bunong in the U.S, but also for the Bunong in Cambodia, Vietnam and other places.

Gâp, M'preo Bubông, jing Bôk leo kan tâm n'gor Bunong Indigenous Community Association (BICA) tâm bri Amơrik aơ. Nau hên ndâk njing n'gor aơ gay ma mĭn nau ndâk njing ma kon Bunong gray ăn prăp nau way rêh jing Bunong he nơm. Gâp gay ma kuăl lĕ r’ngôch oh nô kônh va ăn tâm rnglăp jing ngoay, Gâp mô ăn m’pôl Bunong he ra roh tâm ban ma U Che Hên kal e ôh. Hên n’dâk n’jing n'gor aơ gay ma nti kon se bah chuêl nau nkoch bri rhi yau Bunong he nơm kaḷ e. ndrêl nau way nau rih jing, Nau gu rih U Che kal e nơh. Nau ndâk jing aơ mô geh tâm bri Amơrik dơm, Hên ndâk njing gray kơl ma Bunong tâm bri Drun, bri yuô̆n ndrêl tâm ăp bri êng êng đŏng.

I thank all of my Board members, my brothers and sisters from Cambodia who came to plan and help build this organization. Also thanks to Dr. Neal Keating for helping us with paperwork and support.

Gâp lah ueh ma lĕ rngôch n’gâng kan ndrel oh nô tă bri drun tâm gôp ndrêl ding dơi ndâk njing n’gor aơ. Lah ueh đŏng ma Dr. Neal Keating nơm kơl bư sămƀŭt ndrêl kơl ma lĕ nuih n'hâm.


Bunong Indigenous Community Association is a non-profit organization founded by M'preo Bubong, president of BICA, and all of the first board members, who are willing to sacrifice their time to help build a community for the Bunong people. With the help of Dr. Neal Keating, this organization was formed on September 7, 2013, and it was incorporated on October 21st 2013.


The purpose of the Bunong Indigenous Community Association (BICA) is to promote unity and develop the culture, history, language, livelihoods, human rights and well-being of Indigenous Bunong peoples and communities living in the United States, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other countries. And to build partnerships between these communities through local and international activities of cultural and socioeconomic development based on the Bunong principle of Rêh Đăp Mpăn(living in peace and harmony with the people and the environment), and the international principles of Indigenous peoples' human rights. These activities include, but are not limit to, establishing a Bunong cultural center in North Carolina; English/Bunong literacy programs;Oral tradition-based documentary media projects; Research on Bunong culture and history; transnational Bunong community exchanges of Art, knowledge, education, and resources; and support for Bunong youth to pursue higher education and participate in international events and meetings.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to promote unity, freedom, and peace for the Bunong Indigenous people in South East Asia and around the world.

Why do we exist?

We want to build a Bunong community in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. We want to help and support our people in the U.S ,Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and other countries. We want our youth and young adults to have higher education, attend colleges, attend the United Nations Forum, and attend other Indigenous communities meetings. We exist because we want to raise our voice and spread awareness that Bunong Indigenous really exist and are really struggling. We want to be known as a civilized race not as a savage race by the world.


Volunteering to help the Bunong people apply for medicaid and food stamps, find employment, help fill out forms and many other needed services; whenever a BICA member is available.

  • Fundraisers to raise money for many different causes.
  • Attending the United Nations Forum whenever we are able to.
  • Attending other indigenous communities meetings around world if possible.
  • Help and support the Bunong Indigenous people in Vietnam, Cambodia and other places.
  • Traditional and cultural performances at different events.
  • Raising money to fund the building of a Bunong Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Re-creating Bunong schoolbook's and dictionaries.
  • Creating half Bunong and half English bibles and books.
  • Funding the history of the Bunong Indigenous people's documentary project.

Who benefit from this community?

It's beneficiary to everybody because people will learn about the Bunong people's traditions, culture, and history. This information will help people around the world to see the struggles of the Bunong Indigenous people of Southeast Asia. Seeing these struggles they will be able to help and understand the Bunong people; who will also benefit because they will be more well known.

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